Steve-Mint 300mg Cloudz CBD Mints


Cloudz CBD Mints is all natural Peppermint flavor, Minty tasting, and packed with premium ingredients. Infused with Organic Hemp Flower & Oil, L-Theanine: naturally found in Green/ Oolong Tea and added electrolytes for extra health benefits.

Wellness in a Fresh, Sweet, all natural Mint.

Natural Benefits: pain relief, improve mood, reduce anxiety, alleviate Stress, healthy lifestyle.

Ingredients: hemp flowers & oil, l-theanine, gum acacia, peppermint, and natural flavors.

Servings: 15 Mints per container (300MG CBD)
20MG CBD per Mint | 10MG L-Theanine per Mint


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Weight .5 lbs


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